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The crew in Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Services Limited is registered by the State Administration for Industry (Registration No.: 350211200011041) an independent legal entity approved by AAA grade credit enterprise in Fujian Province, was approved by the Fujian Provincial Maritime Bureau one of the units bid documents (permit No.: B 10033), has developed into a joint venture of international seafarer. With the shipping center along the southeast coast of the completion of Xiamen and the ship operators around the world closer contacts, annual output for domestic and foreign shipowners crew volume increased year by year.

Seafarers technology company engaged in information consulting, providing the crew employment information; commissioned training, arrangements for domestic and international shipping companies need crew; for the crew and immigration agents various types of certificates required for proof of certification and other procedures; for the crew for training , Test, apply for, renew such certificate of competency procedures; domestic and foreign cargo transportation management; ship management business. In the company of "high standard, high quality, high efficiency"of the faith, promote the "Cheng Yi, development, solidarity, Pinbo"spirit of enterprise, believe in "serving the owners and crew service"business purposes, and work hard to continuously Development. Company leaders are engaged in navigation or ship, crew management for many years, has a rich maritime qualification and shipping management experience. Company crew of 438, of which about 126 are from the officer famous sailing schools, after years of honing their accumulated rich experience, has become the international shipping market, a dare to struggle, good at the high operating Quality of the cadres crew team.

In the education, people-oriented principle, our company and Dalian Maritime University, Jimei University, Xiamen Ocean University, Jiaotong University, Fujian, Quanzhou Maritime School, Zhangzhou and other major maritime navigation colleges and schools have a long relationship. Year the company recruited from these partner institutions interested in the maritime industry's youth, culture and employment guidance for commissioned by the company to arrange internships and work on board. 

Crewing and management company currently has vessels: five domestic routes, route 2 Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea routes 6, 14 ocean routes. To open up the market, the company has with the V. SHIPS PTE. Netherlands Smit, Denmark Muskie, Evergreen, Singapore is far wing, Pegasus Japan, South Korea KC LINELTD, China COSCO, China Shipping International, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou , Zhejiang, Xiamen, and dozens of large domestic and foreign shipping companies to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the crew.

People are confident in the HNA, is warm, it is reliable! With the sea Rinpu, vision, passion, is bold, it is the responsibility closely linked to our hearts! Hainan Airlines can not develop without the support and cooperation of all the friends. We invite interested guests to the naval cooperation, and let us create brilliant!

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